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SQL Accounting Software

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies

Buy SQL Financial Accounting Software in Malaysia

Learn why more than 250,000 companies trust us as an SQL Accounting Software Dealer in Malaysia.

SQL Software helps to improve your workplace performance, reduces human error and maximises your company profits using reliable and developed software features. These special features include data collection and analysis, accurate reporting formats, inventory maintenance and SST processing. If you choose us, you will also get an abundance of online resources to help you use the system better. If that’s not enough, we conduct unlimited hands-on free accounting software training at our HQ to train your team. We have been in this industry long enough, and are confident in our knowledge of the best accounting software in Malaysia. Keep reading to learn why we are the best SQL Accounting Software dealer in Malaysia.

SQL Account Features


It’s easy to manage and track your company’s accounting records


Keep your customers in touch


Manage and keep your supply chain in check


More time. For Sales.


Be cost effective.


Helps take control of your inventory effortlessly

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies

Whatsapp Integration with All Document

Step up your business and use Whatsapp to send business documents today. The SQL Financial Accounting Software is the first accounting software to be integrated with Whatsapp features that allows you to send quotations, invoices, statements of accounts and other documents to your clients.

Flexible Unlimited User Defined Fields

Our SQL Accounting Software is sold at affordable prices in Malaysia and is the best accounting software that caters to small businesses and large organisations.

This is because SQL’s software has user defined fields that can be easily altered and customized. With these fields, you can create the perfect document to suit your business size and workflow.

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies
SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies

Salesman Commission Reports

Our SQL Accounting Software in Malaysia supports a variety of commission calculations. We calculate partial-payment commission, profit-margin based commission, and we also support multiple commission rates based on stock groups and agents.

Advance security

SQL Accounting provides the best options when it comes to data privacy. You can have double layer access control on what they can do on SQL Accounting.

By assigning advanced security transactions exclusions to your users, you can ensure data confidentiality which is only uniquely found in SQL Financial Accounting Softwares.

So, if you are interested to get affordable SQL Accounting Software prices in Malaysia, you can click here to contact our team to request for a quotation today.

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies