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Bryan Cheong

SQL Dealer & Accounting Software Reseller in Malaysia

This Accounting Software Guru Founded Syntax Technologies When He Was Young & Jobless. 

It was in 2004, when Bryan Cheong, founder of Syntax Technologies Sdn Bhd had his life tested. He lost his job as an ERP consultant and was jobless for eight months. What happened next prompted Bryan to leave his comfort zone and explored a road that he’s unfamiliar with. The “jobless period” gave him clarity on what career should he pursue.

“I was an IT programmer graduate working as an ERP consultant. I only know ERP software all my life and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I’ve changed eight different jobs within 4 years and I still couldn’t find what I really want to do. However, I noticed that working for people is not my forte. I prefer to work on my own, do my own decision and everything,” says Bryan.

Syntax Technologies’ humble beginnings

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies' Journey

Who would have thought a brilliant idea was created in a small bedroom of his. What he did was he went out to a shop to buy newspapers every day. As he browsed through newspapers, he compiled all the contacts number he could find in excel format and approached each one of the companies to promote accounting software. He did it every day without fail – until he got a client.

“Can u imagine someone without accounting background wanted to start an accounting software company? It was a joke for everyone, but I took the initiative to learn everything by myself. Slowly, I understand the whole theory of accounting and I never stop learning new things. In short, that’s how I founded Syntax Technologies Sdn Bhd.”

Becoming the Nation’s Trusted SQL Dealer

When the turning point creates an opportunity for him.

In the early days, Bryan worked alone for almost 10 years. As the company is relatively small, he couldn’t afford to employ people. However, 2014 was the beginning of everything when the government implemented GST. It was a lucrative year for any accounting software firm, including his company, Syntax Technologies.

“The business started to grow drastically and I managed to employ three interns to help me. I attended the GST seminar and passed the exam. During that time, I was the only IT person out of 300 students who took the GST exam. The opportunity came right away when someone approached me to give a talk for the weekly GST seminar. As an IT person, I shared my views on the practical side – on how to use the software. And the rest was history.”

A founder, author, speaker and consultant

SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies' Journey

As someone who has a vast knowledge in GST and accounting software, Bryan Cheong has successfully written three books, one book on GST and two manual books for SQL – an accounting software. He has built a strong presence online. His Youtube page sharing tutorial videos related to accounting has over 1 million viewings.

“People look at me as a guru in the accounting software field. I had conducted a lot of seminars before and you know you had done your best when people talk about GST or anything related to accounting software, they will think of Bryan Cheong,” he adds.

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies' Journey

Spreading his wings

SQL Accounting Software - Syntax Technologies' Journey

The business has emerged to be one of the top accounting software firms in the Malaysia accounting industry. Syntax Technologies has a long history of helping SMEs in managing their businesses. At Syntax Technologies, they help SMEs by providing accounting software to trace their expenses and sales easily so they can point out what are their mistakes in doing business so they won’t have to bear any loss.

“Business owners rely on us to help them manage their company in term of accounting. I go beyond that by helping clients in term of HR issues or anything. I don’t limit myself as an accounting software dealer, but as a business consultant too.”

Bryan has undoubtedly worked hard to be here. They have 1,000 to 2,000 active customers not just in Malaysia but in Singapore, Cambodia and Brunei too. Some of their prominent clients are Cuckoo, Bagus Curtain, Ramly Burger and a few more.

Syntax Technologies' Journey

The Preferred Software Reseller in Malaysia

His hopes for Syntax Technologies 

Next, he hopes to strive in e-commerce as the industry is currently booming. They are working on software to help small players in the e-commerce industry managing their businesses. Bryan humbly shares with WargaBiz that the software can be used for the biggest e-commerce ecosystem; Lazada and Shopee and he’s expecting to acquire more clients globally.

“I never thought of having such a great time like this to help me go this far. It wasn’t easy and it took me 16 years to build all these. Indeed, the initial phase was challenging but having the right mindset pushes me forward. Equally as important is self-discipline and always hunger for new knowledge. As an entrepreneur, you need to think about how to differentiate yourself than the rest of the entrepreneurs who are doing the same business as yours.”

SQL Accounting Payroll Software - Syntax Technologies' Journey