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Ask Bryan Cheong – Why People is Choosing SQL Cloud Accounting System as The Best Cloud Accounting Software?

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Ask Bryan Cheong – Why People is Choosing SQL Cloud Accounting System as The Best Cloud Accounting Software?

Why People is Choosing SQL Cloud Accounting System as The Best Cloud Accounting Software?

For few decades, people are using traditional Windows installation based accounting software which also known as Server-Client architecture, where database is sited in the server/main pc and all sub-pc is link to the main pc, all users must be in the same network environment to use the software and data from all pc will be centralised back to the main server database. Cloud Accounting software is new terminology especially with the effect of Covid-19 pandemic, staff are forced to work from home. With Cloud based accounting system, user can work from anywhere any time. But why people are switching from international well known Cloud Accounting System to SQL Cloud Accounting Software? Let’s check out Bryan Cheong details explanation on Cloud Accounting.


Why Use Cloud Accounting Software?

Thanks to wireless technology development of 2G,3G and up to 4G and 5G nowadays, it makes large amount of data transfer with speedy and stable environment possible. That’s why you can see more and more Cloud based software have emerge in the recent years which include Cloud Accounting Software. Let’s have a look on why people tend to use Cloud Accounting software:

  • ->Users can access data anywhere without geographical boundaries.
  • ->Users can access data anytime without any time zone constrain. 
  • ->All data update in real-time through Cloud technology.
  • ->Make collaboration easier among various departments, branch or even countries.
  • ->User DO NOT need to do version update or data backup manually.


Why people Choose SQL Cloud Accounting Software

Normally when we talk about Cloud Accounting Software, brands that may come across your mind maybe X, F, or B brand. But when SQL Accounting System launch it Cloud Accounting Software version or known as SQL Connect, the idea of Cloud Accounting Software change dramatically. So, when you are comparing different Cloud Accounting Software, before making final decision, you may ask your supplier these 3 essential questions:

1) What happen to my data if I stop subscribing your Cloud Accounting Software?
-This is the Number 1 question that you MUST ask. Most of the Cloud Accounting Software Do not have Download Data or Export Data feature, means once you stop subscribing, all your data will be lost. Imagine you have use for 3 years and you lost all 3 years data. Some other may allow you export to PDF or csv format, which we consider raw data and useless in term of accounting. In the other hand SQL Accounting System have Windows based and also Cloud based, you are able to download all data and restore into the windows version, means all your data is still complete and fully functional.

2) Is your document or software customisable?
-For all Cloud Accounting Software is one standard for all and no customisation can be done. But for SQL Cloud Accounting Software, we are able to customise document and also functionality according to user requirements with a minimal charges applied.

3) How can you help me if I’m facing problem?
-The fundamental idea of Cloud Accounting Software is D.I.Y. concept, where user need to learn by them self. Certain Cloud Accounting Software do provide tutorial videos and also “online chat” support. However, we understand that, sometime is just too difficult to explain via typing, we need to show screen or explain through conversation, this is where SQL Cloud Accounting Software stand out. With more than 300 dealers all over Malaysia, we support our customer via phone, email and remote access to truly understand the problem and give immediate solution. 




With various accounting software available in the market, it becomes challenging to find the right one. My suggestion is always see a demo and throw questions to the consultant. Every business or even every company have different requirements. So, choose wisely and get the one that will make your work easier and more efficient. 

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