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SQL Payroll Software – How to Handle LHDN Salary Additional Tax Deduction CP38

CP38 is an additional tax deduction issued by LHDN. CP38 requires the employer to make additional deductions in the form of monthly instalments from their employees’ salaries.

This tax deduction is calculated based on the employees monthly taxable income. This income tax deduction based on the Tax Deduction Chart that is issued by the Internal Revenue Board Of Malaysia (IRBM).

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SQL Payroll System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Payroll Batch Email Payslip

每个月,公司都需要准备工资单给员工。这项工作会变得复杂特别是员工都在不同地点上班或没有回办公室。除了 SQL的ePayslip, 员工可以自己通过手机里的SQL eLeave程式拿到工资单外,另一个热门的解决方案就是以一个按键批量电邮工资单给所有员工。你甚至可以为工资单增设密码。让我们看看如何运作。
Every month, company need to prepare Payslip to all the employees. This is a tedious job especially when employees are base at different locations or some of them may not back to office. Beside using SQL ePayslip where staff can self retrieve their payslip via SQL eLeave Mobile Apps, there is another popular solution, where you can batch email the payslip to all the staff and even with password protection. Lets's check out, how it work.

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EPF Employee's Contribution Rate

[MUST READ BEFORE PROCESS JULY 2022 PAYROLL] Effective July 2022 salary/wage (August 2022 contribution month), the employee’s EPF contribution rate reverts back to 11% instead of 9%.

Effective July 2022 salary/wage (August 2022 contribution month), the employee’s EPF contribution rate reverts back to 11% instead of 9%. Please be reminded that 9% is no longer an option as 11% is the minimum rate according to Third Schedule, EPF Act 1991. Hence, please upgrade your SQL Payroll System to latest version and do the correct setting before processing your July 2022 Payroll.

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Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia

Download and Guide for LHDN TP3 Form For New Join Staff In PCB Calculation plus TP1 and TP2 Form

When a new employee joining a company, he is responsible to notify the new employer by declaring previous employment payroll info by submitting TP3 Form, and is new employer responsibility to enter the data as Opening Payroll Data for this employee to ensure accurate PCB Calculation. Without these data, PCB calculation may be wrong and employer will hold responsibility and penalise by LHDN. Beside, we also need to understand what is LHDN Borang TP2 and TP3 Form.


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SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Payroll System – SQL eLeave App

Do you know that SQL eLeave App LITE version is FREE for SQL Payroll System Users?
Staff can actually apply leave, check leave application status, check leave balance and even payroll info from this mobile app. 
Approval process also directly done via app.
All approved leave can be sync back to SQL Payroll System. Check out how it work.

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