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Steps To Submit Borang E / CP8D 2023

Steps To Submit Borang E / CP8D 2023

As an employer in Malaysia, you are required to submit your company Borang E via LHDN MyTax Portal before 31st March every year. The due date for employer to submit via e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D is before 25 Feb 2024. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps on how to submit your Borang E / CP8D online.

Please Refer to LHDN for the Latest Info. Information shared below is subject to change and may not be updated accordingly. This is just serve as basic guide.

Part 1: How To Submit E-Data Praisi / E-CP8D?

Step 1: Login to LHDN MyTax Portal
i.To get started with your submission, select login via Identification Card No. (Please note that this should be
your company director identification number)
ii.Once you’ve entered the identification number, click on the Submit button

Step 2: From the homepage, click on ezHasil Services > e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D to proceed
In case you are unable to submit through e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D or miss the deadline, you have the option of sending the text or Excel file directly to LHDN at via email. This step only applicable to 2022 but may not applicable for 2023, need to wait further clarification from LHDN for those who did not submit e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D via MyTax Portal before 25 Feb 2024.

Step 3: Enter your Employer Number and check if it’s your company name, click Confirm to proceed

Step 4: Double check your employer profile and click on submission of CP8D on the left panel

Step 5: You can directly upload your CP8D from SQL Payroll to save time (Method 1), or you can manually enter the 20+ columns for each employee one by one in the online form (Method 2)

Method 1: Upload CP8D (With SQL Payroll)
5.1.1: Open SQL Payroll, go to Payroll > Government Report > Print Income Tax CP8D

5.1.2: Select the year and click Apply. Then, click on the submission of LHDN’s CP8D via Magnetic Media at the bottom right. Example now is 2024, you should select 2023 as you are doing for 2023.

5.1.3: Save to desktop. The text file will be exported automatically, and you can upload it directly to LHDN CP8D

5.1.4: Once uploaded, all staff information & figure will be filled up automatically

Method 2: Manual Entry (Without SQL Payroll)

5.2.1: For manual entry, select Submission of C.P.8D (through online form)

5.2.2: To submit CP8D via online form, select the year of remuneration & search

5.2.3: Enter all your employees’ details one by one

This particular step can be quite burdensome and challenging due to the manual process of inputting all the necessary information for each and every individual employee. It is imperative to exercise caution and double-check all data entry to prevent errors that could lead to penalties.

By using SQL Payroll, you can automatically calculate all monthly statutory contributions for EPF, SOCSO, PCB, EIS, and HRDF, generate payslips, and even print EA forms with just one simple click. With SQL Payroll, you can also generate the text file for your employer CP8D that complies with the LHDN portal. Just click one simple button to submit. (Refer Method 1)

Step 6: Update employer declaration, click Confirm, and Submit. That’s it!

Step 7: Once submitted, you will be redirected to a page of acceptance acknowledgement, click on the option to print and confirm, remember to save a copy for your records!

Part 2: How To Submit E-Filing?
Once you completed part 1 of the submission process for E-Data Praisi / e-CP8D, then follow these steps to submit your e-filling.

Step 1: After login, click on ezHasil Services > e-Filing from homepage

Step 2: Access the e-Form

Step 3: Select the tax year under e-E

Step 4: Fill in your company’s income tax number and proceed

Step 5: Under the “Cara pengemukaan C.P.8D” section, select “Melalui e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D” and click “Seterusnya”

Step 6: Enter the number of employees for your company and click “Next”

Step 7: Proceed to the next step, as we have already completed the submission or upload process in e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D (Part 1)

Step 8: Fill in the designation, sign & send

Step 9: Enter your identification number and password, sign to proceed

Step 10: Print the acknowledgement and e-E form to save a copy of your submission

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt for e-E