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Cyber Criminals Know You Use Remote Desktop systems.

It doesn’t require extraordinary motive or means to hack remotely accessible systems for their processing power. But due to many organizations poor security practices, there’s plenty of opportunities. Throw a hostile user that doesn’t need much motivation but has plenty of means and opportunity into the mix, and it’s a pretty dangerous landscape of IT threats out there for any organization. 

Most organizations assume that the hackers who threaten them will be motivated by the value of the information the company uses to provide its services. The truth is that cyber criminals don’t necessarily care about the value of corporate, personal and/or financial data. Many attacks are perpetrated on systems because there’s value in the processing power of the systems themselves.

As Windows infrastructures grow and evolve, it gets more and more difficult for security experts to see all the endpoints in their architecture. And you need to know your Remote Desktop vulnerabilities to mitigate your risk.

RDS-Knight approach combines advanced technology, the latest lessons and insights our elite team of Remote Desktop cyber security specialists bring back from real-world missions. Try it now! RDS-Knight will be your secret weapon. Easy-to-use, it will fulfill your expectations to protect your RDS servers against hackers.

Serverlink RDS Knight- Syntax Technologies

Become a Security Expert

RDS-Knight provides five major protections.

  • Prevent foreigners to open a session.
  • Prevent users to connect at night.
  • Avoid brute-force attacks.
  • Protect users profile.
  • Prohibit connection from non-authorized device.


Your users are located in USA, UK and Canada offices. Why anyone should be able to open a session from China, India, Iran, or Germany?

In a snap with RDS-Knight, you protected your RDS servers from any hackers trying to open a session from foreign countries. This is extremely simple and so powerful. Just do it!

Serverlink RDS Knight- Syntax Technologies
Serverlink RDS Knight- Syntax Technologies

Protect your servers at night

Of course, your users should be free to connect and to work when they are at their desks. However, why would they be allowed to open a session at midnight?

With RDS-Knight, you can specify the working time of the day when each of your user or group are allowed to open sessions. More, you will be able to specify their timezone and that could be important for your office in UK! So easy and amazingly nice to enhance your security policies.

Block brute-force attacks

If your Windows server is publicly available on Internet, then there is a 100% probability that hackers, network scanners and brute force robots are trying to guess your Administrator login and password – as we speak. Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. Not only this is bad for your server’s security, but it can also consume a lot of its resources (CPU and bandwidth)!

Stop the constant attacks right now with RDS-Knight brute-force attacks defender. It will instantly protect your server by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and automatically blacklist the offending IP addresses after several failures. You can of course configure it to match your needs.

Serverlink RDS Knight- Syntax Technologies
Serverlink RDS Knight - Syntax Technologies

One Click to Set User Rights Policies

Windows systems are providing too many features and only few experts are able to properly manage this kind of complexity. Most of us are not clever enough to set up security rules and to hide Windows features from users’ Remote Desktops.

Like a dream, RDS-Knight will enforce for you the security level you want to secure your RDS server. And the best is that you can do it “user per user”, or per group. As soon as you will apply it, even connected users will benefit from a secured profile environment.

Endpoint Protection and Device Control

In this BYOD era, where technology allow users to connect and work with their own device, you need to be sure that every device can be controlled and safe.

Thanks to RDS-Knight, you can allow each user either to use any device, or just allow him/her an access with a specific device by entering its name, which will be checked by the endpoint protection. A logon from any invalid device will be blocked.

Serverlink RDS Knight- Syntax Technologies
Serverlink RDS Knight- Syntax Technologies

Stop Ransomware Attacks*

Ransomware is the most significant of today’s cyber threats. Attackers can encrypt or even permanently delete your data. Paying the ransom is no guarantee that your data will be restored. The best way to deal with ransomware is to stop it before attackers have the chance to disrupt your server. Ransomware Protection will efficiently detect and block ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Protection instantly warns you as soon as it detects a ransomware activity on your system, providing you with the list of the infected items to quarantine. You get detailed information about the attack source to avoid this issue in the future. You can easily whitelist the programs you know as safe via the “Advanced Settings” tab!