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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Auto Fill Up User As Agent

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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Auto Fill Up User As Agent

For certain industries, to track each Sales Invoice is belong to which Sales Agent is very important for commission calculation. But the problem is, the sales agent always forgets to fill up the Agent field during key in transaction. So, SQL Accounting System customisation of Auto Fill Up User as Agent will be very helpful.
First, we need to maintain agent in Tools->Maintain Agent. In this example, we maintain and Agent call Bryan.

Then, we assign this Agent “Bryan” to a User call “Bryan”, in Tools->Maintain User->Bryan. Key at the customised Agent Tab.

As for User “Admin”, we do not set Agent for this user. This will make Admin can select any agent during transaction or amend the agent field for particular transaction.

Lets create an Invoice, in the example you can see that the system will automatically use the Agent “Yuki” in the Agent field where Yuki is the Default Agent set in Maintain Customer for customer “A Home Furnishing & Service”. Admin is able to saved the transaction, and agent remain the same.

Admin also able to amend the agent to Gabriel.

When we log in as Bryan for SQL Accounting System, when Bryan key in Invoice, the system will still use back the default agent set in Maintain Customer. In this example, Bryan selects the same customer, “A Home Furnishing & Service” and Default Agent appear is still “Yuki”. But when he click “Save” for the transaction, system will automatically replace the Agent field as “Bryan” according the setting in Maintain Agent->Bryan. Even he try to amend the agent as Gabriel, system will still set back as Bryan when he save the transaction.

This is how SQL Accounting System can make sure all the Agent is keyed correctly for each Sales Transaction by using this Auto Fill Up User as Agent customisation.

Please refer to below Tutorial Video :