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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Price Tag – Item Multi Pricing and Multi Quantity Discount

SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Price Tag – Item Multi Pricing and Multi Quantity Discount

In trading or distribution business, it is very common that when same item selling to different customer charge with different pricing or when customer purchase more quantity get more discount.  In SQL Accounting System, Price Tag Module will do the trick.

First step, go to top menu, Stock->Maintain Price Tag. You can create different price tag. It is to categorise customer pricing into different grouping. Example, we create a new price tag call eCommerce to group all customer from Lazada, Shopee or Facebook Live who will get the same pricing for an item.

Next, we go to Customer->Maintain Customer, and assign the Price Tag for individual customer. In example, we assign Syntax Technologies Price Tag as Retail.

The final setting will be, go to Stock->Maintain Stock Item. At individual item, click Customer Price and setup the Price Tag over here. In example, we create a new item call Black Pen with Reference Cost RM10 and Reference Price RM50, these will serve as default cost and price during purchase and sales transaction. At Customer Price tab, you can select the Price Tag and set the pricing for difference price tag customer. For customer who will purchase more quantity and get more discount, also set over the same place, the trick is to change the quantity only.

In the example, we select Retail as Price Tag, key in quantity as 1, Unit price as RM50(follow Reference Price) and with discount 5%, quantity as 5, Unit price as RM50 with discount 10%, quantity as 10, Unit price as RM50 with discount 5%. By doing these, means customer with “Retail” Price Tag, will get 5% discount when they purchase 1 unit until 4 unit of Black Pan. When they purchase 5 unit until 9 unit of Black Pen, will get 10% discount and if 10 unit or more, they will get 15% discount. Another scenario will be, a specific customer which does not fall under any Price Tag with own selling price for him, can be done by selecting the company instead Price Tag column and you can also direct key the discounted price instead of putting in the discount percentage. In example, we select Best Cool in Company field and, quantity set as 1 and price is RM40. If any of this pricing is temporary, you can set the Date From and Date To for individual row.

The Price Tag in Customer Price we have just set, will apply to all Sales Transaction. In example, we will try out using Sales Invoice.

We select Cash Sales as represent a walk in customer. Key accordingly, and you will notice, the price for Black Pen is RM50 by using Maintain Item->Reference Price.

When we select Syntax Technologies Sdn Bhd as customer and item select Black Pen, you can see that the price will have 5% discount as set in Price Tag. The 5% will remain up to 4 quantity.

As the quantity increase up to 5, the discount will change to 10% according to Price Tag setting. It remain up to 9 quantity.

When the quantity reach 10 or more, discount will be 15% according to Price Tag setting.

If we select Best Cool as customer, the price for Black Pen will become RM40 direct. So, the price tag pricing can be direct price or put in discount.

Please refer to the Tutorial Video: