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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting System – Auto Fill Up Project and Location

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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting System – Auto Fill Up Project and Location

In SQL Accounting System, if a user has multiple branch or multiple location to keep stock, it is compulsory for user to select correct project (act as branch) and also location to get accurate result on accounting and stock control.  But sometimes, a user who handle project A and Location A can wrongly select project and location or even forget to select one.

In this scenario, a customisation call “Auto Fill Up Project and Location” in SQL Accounting System will be very useful for you.

For certain user, we can pre-fixed the project and location, in this example, we create a user call “Test” and fixed the Project as P1 and Location as KL. As for Administrator, we will leave it blank, so Administrator is allowed to flexible to select Project and Location.




Then, we need to maintain Form Mode to separate the Invoice listing to be all Invoices and also Invoice with Project P1 which only for User “Test”.

When Admin user go to Invoice, he will have the option to view all Invoices or just P1 Invoices, and when he creates new Invoice, he have the flexibility to select any project or location.

As for user “Test” log in, he will not have the option to choose to see all Invoices, he can only see all P1 project Invoices and when creating Invoice, regardless any project and location selected, when he save the Invoice, all project will set back to P1 and Location will set back to KL, as pre-set in Maintain User for User “Test”.




In conclusion, by using this SQL Accounting Software Customisation, we now can confirm all Project and Location will be 100% correct during data entry.

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