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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting System – Serverlink Private Cloud

SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting System – Serverlink Private Cloud

You may be using SQL Accounting System in your office for many years. SQL Accounting perfectly meets your business needs. Over the years, your business is expanding to several branches. The Covid-19 pandemic requires some of your staff to work from home. More and more workers need to access the SQL Accounting system from the branch office or Home. 

There are 2 options to achieve it. First, move your SQL accounting data to SQL Public Cloud Server and then subscribe Cloud-User accounts based on the number of companies and staff you have. We highly recommend this, if it meets your budget as you do not need to worry about the infrastructure, data protection and security.

Option 2 is an one-time-cost solution regardless of the number of users and companies. Since you already own the SQL Accounting software and server hardware, all you need to do is simply install ServerLink Remote Access on your existing host PC or server to make it your On-Premises-Private-Cloud server.

Step 1 – Install ServerLink Remote Access software on your existing host
Step 2 – Create Windows user accounts on the host
#Please make sure the Host/Server must be Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro, upgrade your Windows if needed. Else, should not subscribe Serverlink.#

Step 3 – We will apply a software Virtual Private Network(VPN) account and setup to the host and remote PCs. This makes your server privately accessible by your permitted staff only.

Step 4 – The branch users or Home base workers are ready to connect SQL Server in head office with just a WEB browser.

We can enhance the data security and privacy by assigning SQL Accounting software to the remote users only instead of the entire server desktop. Restricted users once connected are straight open SQL Accounting and update only. No access rights to other programs, Files, and Folders in the host.

For Administrator or specific user, a full desktop can be allowed, just like working in front of the host PC.

Some people may ask why not just use Windows Remote Access as VPN and have to separate subscribe to use ServerLink? This is because our current bandwidth is not stable and fast enough to run SQL Accounting as in Client Server form over VPN. Unlike ServerLink Remote Access, which requires approximately 50kbps of bandwidth, all data and processing are run within the host server hard disk. No data will be transmitted across the Internet. Hence, no data can be stolen in the air. Since all data is processed in the server hard disk, only the final result or report will be displayed on the remote user’s screen. Therefore a very low bandwidth is enough to achieve remote access.

ServerLink remote users do not allow direct access to the server hard disk but only access the SQL Accounting application. Hence, data privacy and confidentiality are well maintained.

On the hand, you have the freedom to assign SQL Accounting & Payroll or some folders to your manager based on the access rights.

We know that you are doubtful about the server’s Safety, Security, and Privacy. No worries, you have the option to setup Bitdefender Cloud Edition antivirus to protect it. This is proven effective way to prevent virus, malwares and Trojan Horse.

Another Add-Ons, SERVERLINK SECURITY protect all aspects of attacks. First, Country IP protection blocks the world, except for the country you permitted.


Second, it is proven effectively prevent ransomware.


Third, Serverlink Security able to set Time Zone security where remote access only permitted during certain time frame.


Desktop Security is another feature for hardening remote users to access the server drives, restricting access to the crucial Windows configuration programs. 

You can even restrict remote users to access the server with the specified hardware only. This will be a watertight control.

ServerLink turns SQL Accounting and any Windows Application to WEB accessible instantly for remote access anytime anyway without tolerance to data security, privacy, and confidentiality.

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