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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Payroll – eClaims and ePayslip in SQL eLeave Apps

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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Payroll – eClaims and ePayslip in SQL eLeave Apps

Handling staff claims is always a challenge for HR staff, especially when staff just pass all the receipts to HR personnel, and the person in charge need to manually calculate, sum up, and consolidate all the relevant documents for each and every staff.  Is there any easier way to do this or even make staff to DIY to handle their own claims, approve by relevant Person In Charge without HR interference? What if I told you, staff can now, view and download current or previous months Payslip, by using their handphone, plus they can apply leave and check leave balance without talking to HR staff? Whether it is eLeave, eClaims or ePayslip, all these function is available for you with a Click away by using SQL Payroll System eLeave Apps.

First of all, SQL Payroll user need to subscribe to SQL Payroll eDrive with a Gmail account, and activate this in SQL Payroll System.

After process monthly payroll in SQL Payroll Software, just sync all the payslip to SQL Payroll eDrive.

As for the eClamis, staff just need to log in to their SQL Payroll eLeave mobile apps, then submit the claims by fill up relevant info, such as date, claim type, amount and take a photo of the receipt and click submit.

Staff can then check status of each claim whether it is pending, approved or reject.

Staff can also check claims details by category in monthly or yearly format.

As for the payslip, staff just need to click on “View  Payslip” and staff can view, download, print, or even share out the Payslip using WhatsApp.

Tutorial Videos :

In short, by using SQL Payroll eDrive, it upgrade your SQL eLeave Apps Lite to a higher level , by enable eClaims and ePayslip function to make payroll process more efficient and effective.