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e-Invoice Part 12 – Self-Billed e-Invoice

In current practice, when we acquire service or goods from an individual who do not register a company, and not able provide us Invoice, we will use Payment Voucher to use as proof of expenses. In e-Invoice Era, we need to do Self-Billed e-Invoice. Let’s check out how to do.

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e-Invoice Part 10 – Disbursement and Reimbursement

In a lot of circumstances when we dealing with customer, it will involve a third-party supplier, where we need to make payment to that supplier on behalf of our customer. Let’s check out how to handle this scenario via disbursement and reimbursement in e-invoice Era.

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e-Invoice Part 8-Industries that not allowed to do Consolidated e-Invoice

For all B2C business, Consolidate e-Invoice is a way to handle customer who do not require e-Invoice for proof of expenses for tax purpose, and skip the hassle to retrieve customer details such as name, TIN Number, MyKad Number, address and so on. However, there are few industries that not allowed to do Consolidated e-Invoice, let’s check out is your company fall under any of these industries.

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