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我们知道在电子发票时代,我们的Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note 和 Refund Note都必须先呈报给内陆税收局审核,得到批准后才可以交给顾客。但是,实际上又是如何运作呢? 在这个影片,Bryan Cheong将会深入的讲解完整电子发票流程的9个步骤。

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e-Invoicing Part 3-Complete Flow of e-Invoicing

We know that for e-Invoicing, all our Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note and Refund Note need to be validated by IRB before we can send to our customer. But how it works? In this video, Bryan Cheong will show you the 9 steps of complete flow of e-invoicing.

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