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Payment not subject to pay

[MUST KEEP & SHARE]What Payment Subject or Not Subject To EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB & HRDF – From Official Government Portal

This is the Ultimate Guide for payments that are subject and not subject to EPF, SOCSO, EIS , PCB and HRDF during processing your month payroll. The content is direct print screen from all relevant Official Government Portal, which make this write up is 100% accurate. This is a page which you should Bookmark for future reference and share to all your friends.

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Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia

Download and Guide for LHDN TP3 Form For New Join Staff In PCB Calculation plus TP1 and TP2 Form

When a new employee joining a company, he is responsible to notify the new employer by declaring previous employment payroll info by submitting TP3 Form, and is new employer responsibility to enter the data as Opening Payroll Data for this employee to ensure accurate PCB Calculation. Without these data, PCB calculation may be wrong and employer will hold responsibility and penalise by LHDN. Beside, we also need to understand what is LHDN Borang TP2 and TP3 Form.


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SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan cheong – SQL Accounting Software – SQL Business Intelligent Dashboard

身为老板的你需要通过详细与准确的资料以做商业决定。我相信你一定不想看长篇大论全文字的报告。SQL 商业智能仪表盘就能通过图表让你完全掌握你公司运作以做出最好的决定。
As a business owner, you always need to make business decision based on details and accurate data as reference. I’m sure you do not want to see lengthy all words report. SQL Business Intelligence Dashboard will give you all the major info you need and understand your current business at a glance in graph format to assist you to make the best decision.

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SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Customer Dedicated Price

某些行业,不同的顾客会有不同的卖价。在SQL Accounting System,我门会用Price Tag解决,但如果你有太多货物,并且要的设定是在Maintain Customer而不是在Maintain Item呢?Customer Dedicated Price,就能帮到你。
For certain industries, different customer may have different selling price. In SQL Accounting System, we can handle this using Price Tag Module, but what if instead of setting the pricing in Maintain Item, you wish to set in Maintain customer because you have too many items and it only apply to specific customer? Then, Customer Dedicated Price will do the trick.

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SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Auto Fill Up User As Agent

某些行业,追踪每张发票的销售人员非常重要,特别是在计算佣金方面。但是当销售员在SQL会计系统输入资料时,往往会忘记输入销售员代码。所以SQL Accounting System 自动输入用户为销售人员就能帮到你。
For certain industries, to track each Sales Invoice is belong to which Sales Agent is very important for commission calculation. But the problem is, the sales agent always forgets to fill up the Agent field during key in transaction. So, SQL Accounting System customisation of Auto Fill Up User as Agent will be very helpful.

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SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Price Tag – Item Multi Pricing and Multi Quantity Discount

在零售或批发的行业里,同一样东西卖着不一样的价钱给不同的顾客,又或是顾客买的数量越多就能得到越高的折扣是非常普遍的现象。那在SQL Accounting System里的Price Tag,就能帮到你。
In trading or distribution business, it is very common that when same item selling to different customer charge with different pricing or when customer purchase more quantity get more discount.  In SQL Accounting System, Price Tag Module will do the trick.


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SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong SQL Accounting System RHB Reflex Premium Plus Integration with Auto Bank Reconciliation

For SQL Accounting users who also a RHB Reflex Premium Plus Account holder, you can now subscribe to this latest function where you can:
1) Securely connect SQL Account with RHB Reflex Premium Plus.
2) Initiate payment from SQL Accounting System.
3) Automate bank reconciliation with RHB Reflex bank feeds.
4) Check real-time account balance with cheque float.
5) Make JomPay bill payments
6) Authorise payments in RHB Reflex mobile or web

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