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Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Customer Dedicated Price

SQL Accounting System - Syntax Technologies

Ask Bryan Cheong – SQL Accounting Software – Customer Dedicated Price

For certain industries, different customer may have different selling price. In SQL Accounting System, we can handle this using Price Tag Module, but what if instead of setting the pricing in Maintain Item, you wish to set in Maintain customer because you have too many items and it only apply to specific customer? Then, Customer Dedicated Price will do the trick.
In SQL Accounting System, we go to Customer->Maintain Customer, for this example, we select Syntax Technologies Sdn Bhd.  You will notice that there is an additional tab call Dedicated Price. Tick the option “Is Dedicated”, and set the percentage. If you wish to have 10% discount for all item for this customer, then key “-10” at “Dedicated Price(%)” field.


When we key Invoice, the system will automatically sum up total amount of all item and insert an additional row call Dedicated Price with the discount percentage amount you keyed under Maintain Customer, when you click “Save”.

If you want to increase the price for the customer instead. Then, at Maintain Customer, at “Dedicated Price (%)” field, do not put in negative sign. In this example we change “-10” to “10” by removing the “-“sign.

We go back to Invoice and create another new Invoice, and this round when the “Dedicated Price” auto insert during “Save”, it become increase the amount of percentage you set.

For those customers that you did not set the Dedicated price, Invoice created will proceed as normal without auto insert the Dedicated Price row.

Please refer to Tutorial Video below: